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Arise Africa International is working with World Reach Partnerships and I Love Orphans to process all donations coming in from the US. We have partnered with World Reach Partnerships since 1996 for the purposes of evangelism and church planting.

Since this is their focus, they will be handling all donations designated for evangelism and church planting. This includes all donations for church construction, pastor support, outreach, projects, and support for staff salaries. ​(Under “Designation” please make sure that you select “Arise Africa International”)

I Love Orphans has been partnering with us in our Bukaleba Children’s Center since 2006. Recently, they have made the exciting decision to increase their level of involvement and partnership with us in order to improve the overall standards for our Children’s Center.

To this end, they will be handling all donations to the Children’s Center. This includes funds for the Babies Home, Primary School, Secondary School and all children’s sponsorships. 

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