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John Silverberg and Kim Silverberg, Pastor Magumba Sam and his wife Prossy Magumba are leaders of Greater Love Ministries. John and Kim have been leading a team to work in Uganda for many years and in all those years when they come to Uganda they have always stayed at Arise Africa Christian Guest House in Jinja. Their stay at the Guest house contributes to the support of Arise Africa Ministry, which includes 265 churches and children center in Bukaleba project helping over 800 children, and 25 babies at arise Africa International babies home.

Friendship between Arise Africa International ministries and greater love ministries has slowly been growing with time as they began to learn more about each other..

This year Kim requested if the Greater Love team from USA could visit the Bukaleba children centre which we gladly agreed.

During her current trip and ministry to the kids at the centre, on 23rd April 2019, Kim chose to celebrate her daughter’s birthday (the late Kelly) with our Babies’ Home Children. It was a very heart-warming experience filled with happiness, love and fun for those sweet little kids. As you can see in the photo children celebrating late Kelly’s birthday.

On 4th -May-2019, Arise Africa Bukaleba Children’s Centre was blessed to host Greater love team of 42 God’s servants from Greater Love Ministries . This team was led by John and his wife Kim Silverberg from Missouri along side Pastor Magumba Sam and his wife Prossy Magumba.

The team arrived at Bukaleba Babies’ Home in the morning at around 10AM. The team comprised of members from Missouri and the Calvary Orphans Outreach Ministry. Our children were so excited to see the visitors. Their faces brightened with smiles when they saw the visitors. After exchanging hugs and smiles, the visitors shared God’s word with these little ones in many special ways.

It was then time to play. In no time, the playground was colored with bubbles, balls and balloons flying in the air. It was one of the best moments for the children ever.

On addition to the love, the team came loaded with food that was gifted to our Babies’ home. We are so grateful for the many ways God has always provided for us.

After the visit with babies home the team visited Arise Africa Christian Primary School.

At the primary school the team shared with the children Gods love through songs of praise, worship and the word of God. After the sharing we all moved out to the field to play with the children. It was great joy to see how those kids enjoyed running after the flying balloons.

Next on the agenda was lunch. The team was led back to the Babies’ Home children where they waited on babies. After feeding these little ones, the 42 members moved to Bukaleba Guest where they ate their lunch.

The lunch break was preceded by a visit to Arise Africa Christian Secondary School where the team continued to share Christ’s love with over 300 students through songs of praise and worship and John Silverberg shared a message about loving God and being faithful to Him. It was a very inspiring evening.

We are so much thankful to God who made the day so special for the children at the centre.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Greater Love Ministries for the great love they extended towards Arise Africa Children’s Centre. May God richly bless them.

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