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“This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” John 15:8

New year greetings to all our friends, brothers and Sisters in Christ. Our prayer for you this year is continually to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives, so that you may live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way: bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God. (Colossians 1:9-10)


Arise Africa Bukaleba Children’s Centre 

The AAI children's center includes a babies' home, nursery, and primary school for both hearing and deaf children, as well as a secondary school.

The center has 329 children, with 26 in the Babies' home, 228 in primary and nursery school, and 75 in secondary school. We sincerely appreciate your prayers, support, and involvement that enable us to provide for our children and fifty (50) staff.


We also want to thank our staff for their dedication, perseverance, and unwavering service, which often require daily sacrifices. May God bless them.


We still need your prayers for the children's center to continue providing for the children. We need God's wisdom to love, shelter, and mentor the children according to His divine Will. We trust in God's word, but we also prayerfully ask for your help to meet the daily needs of our children.


Children’s Health:

Our children and staff begun the year in good health, praise God! In February, six of our youngest babies got sick with malaria and bacterial infection. We thank God for ministry who sent funds on time to treat the children. There is a great improvement with each of the children.

 Photo: Children who have been sick; the triplets- Namanganda Jamia Gracie, Namanganda Jafalani Gabriela, and Namanganda Jamidah Gloria, the twins- Mumbya Hussan Emma and Mumbya Hussein Joshua and Gift Nangobi.






The rest of the children are doing well, enjoying school and play time.








During the months of January and February, we were blessed by a number of visitors at the Babies Home. Among them were relatives to our children, and others from the USA.


Visiting team from USA

Mama Tricia Blessing and her friends (Mama Linda Mckenna, Mama Racheal, Uncle Trevor Bacon) visited the babies' home and loved on our children with the following: -

  1.  They took the children and staff to the AAI guest house in Jinja where they enjoyed fun activities. The children had a yummy breakfast and lunch and even got to eat cinnamon rolls for the first time. 

  2. They brought new clothes and toys.

  3. The group also took the children and staff for a memorable boat ride at the source of the River Nile and bought wrist bracelets for each child as a souvenir. 

  4. To add to the fun, they visited the YWAM base where the children enjoyed more delicious meals, watched a soccer game, and even presented songs and a poem. (Photos below: babies home children spending time with mama Tricia, Linda, Racheal and Trevor at the guest house, on the boat ride and YWAM base ) 


We were also visited by relatives to some of our children.

Photos: The twins Mumbya Hussan Emma and Mumbya Hussein Joshua visited by their relatives.







Babies home Staff

We are also grateful to God for our staff who diligently and tirelessly take care of our children. Their shoulders and hands play a significant role in ministering to the children. Their daily interaction with the children creates fingerprints of love and service, giving the children the best of their abilities and energy. We are confident that God will reward them for their selfless service. (Photo: Babies home nurse and aunties)




Arise Africa Christian schools provide a nurturing and inclusive environment for students of all ages. Our facilities include a nursery, a primary school for deaf and hearing children, and a secondary school. The academic year 2024 has finally begun. We are thrilled to be back in school after a long break. Term one started on the 5th of February 2024, and we are grateful that all our staff and students returned in good health. Thanks be to God.


Arise Africa Christian Nursery/Primary School 

 This term the Lord has blessed us with a total enrollment of 228 pupils.

 Our Primary seven candidates who sat for national exams last year got good grades. We are thankful to God; our Babies home child Balabye Hope Milly was the best student out of 12 who sat for national exams. She has joined the secondary school in senior one. (Photo: Byogero Fauza, Kawala Nazifa, and Balabye Hope.)

 (Photos: our Nursery and primary school children)


 Arise Africa Christian Primary School of the deaf

 We currently have a total number of 49 deaf children. We have been able to add a new class, primary six this year. (Photo: Deaf children attending class)


 Arise Africa Christian Secondary School

 We are grateful to God for the fifty nine students who sat for senior four national exams at our school last year. Their results were released.  

Our soccer team had the opportunity to play the BACON cup 2024 at the YWAM base on 4th February 2024, organized by Mr. Trevor Bacon. They played amazingly well. The team got bronze medals. (Photo: The director Pastor Godfrey with the soccer team, and Teacher Isaac)






  All of our pastors came together for the first time in a while. We had a pastors' conference that took place from 1st-3rd February 2024. Thanks to Tricia Blessing's sponsorship, our pastors were provided with transportation, accommodation, and meals while at the conference. Additionally, each pastor received a copy of either the Life Application Study Bible or a Luganda Bible. The pastors had a wonderful time of prayer, worship, and praise to God, as well as learning and encouragement.

 (Photos: AAI pastors’ conference at AAI primary school main hall)

 We give thanks to the Lord for the unwavering support of our friends and ministry partners, whose fervent prayers and generous financial contributions have enabled Arise Africa's outreach ministry to flourish. At Arise Africa International, we are passionate about reaching out to people of all backgrounds with the message of Jesus Christ, establishing New Testament churches, and inspiring them to become Christ-like, self-sustaining, self-propagating, and self-theologizing.


Our plans for ministry this year are ambitious, and we are praying with great anticipation, trusting God's plan and provision for every step. May His will be done, and may we continue to impact the lives of many through this ministry.


We are prayerfully inviting you to be a part of Arise Africa International ministry through;

  1. Praying; 

a)    Pray for the AAI ministry plans; that God continues to guide, lead, and equip us to do His will in ministry.

b)     All our children, staff, and community members to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

c)    Good Health and Safety for everyone involved in the ministry.

d)    God’s provision for the ministry budgets.

e)    Pray for our ministry partners; International Christian Centers for the Deaf, I Love Orphans, Ten Eighteen Uganda, World Reach Partnerships, and our AAI Family/friends all over the world.

2.   Coming to minister with AAI ministry.

3. Giving towards the following;

a.    AAI mission trips ($200 monthly budget). 

b.    Support a pastor with $50 a month.

c.    Three laptops for the Babies Home Managers and the nurse to be able to do their work well.

d.    Sponsoring a child at babies’ home, Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools at one hundred dollars ($50) per month.

e.    Repair of the children’s play swings and cooking stoves one-time gift of $300.

f.     Support a teacher with $50 a month.

g.    Support for AAI Babies Home Two Managers and Nurse at one hundred dollars ($100) per Month.

h.    Children's clothing and shoes, a one-time gift of ($300 per year).

i.      Medicines for the Children monthly budget of $100

j.      Babies home Sustainability projects growing of beans, corn, and vegetables at $200 

k.    Buying of 30 computers at the cost of Two hundred dollars ($100) per computer at the secondary school computer laboratory.

l.      Infrastructure improvement at our schools such as windows, flooring in classrooms and dining hall, and furniture.

m.  Funds to buy an Outreach ministry van, land for some churches, and also be able to build church structures for those that are lacking.


Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Because of your generosity, the children can have safe shelter, clean water, food, primary medical care, love, discipleship, education, social and spiritual support.

If you’d like to give a special gift to Arise Africa Babies Home, Donate online at:

For AAI Staff, Bukaleba Children’s center, General fund for the ministry and others: Send it to, 14539 E. Hawthorne Ct.Wichita, Ks 67230


You can also donate through Paypal by clicking on the link

If your support is regarding evangelism and church planting, please set up your automatic donation at: (Under “Designation” please make sure that you select “Arise Africa International”)


If you would like to donate by cash or cheque;

 For AAI Pastors and outreach, please send it to World Reach Partnerships, P.O.BOX 582, Blue Ridge VA 24064.

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