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...“Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Dear friends and family of AAI,

As we move closer to the end of 2022, we have a lot of reasons to celebrate and be thankful. This year has been one of the most challenging to Arise Africa Children centre and the AAI ministry, yet we try our best to appreciate every part of it and keep up the good fight of faith. Indeed, the Joy of the LORD is our strength!

We are grateful to God for a lot of things, most especially the following;

  1. Good health for both the children and staff.

  2. Our kids get promoted to a new class next term.

  3. Committed staff members who love and care for the children and have worked patiently during difficult times.

  4. Financial provision throughout 2022.

  5. AAI family and friends all over the world.

  6. Global partnerships from individuals, ministries and churches.

  7. Generous donors and child sponsors.

Over the many years of ministry to orphans, vulnerable and deaf children (at the AAI babies home, nursery, primary, a school for deaf children and secondary schools), we have been immensely blessed to witness the incredible impact that AAI children’s centre has had and continues to have on so many children- spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially.

Arise Africa Babies Home:

With the help of generous ministry partners and friends like you, Arise Africa Babies Home is currently able to provide love, care, safe shelter, water, food, medication, education, and social, spiritual and physical needs for our sixty-four (64) vulnerable children under Babies' home care. Twenty (20) of those children are still staying at the Babies' home, while forty-four (44) have been re-integrated into their close relatives’/guardians' homes.

Arise Africa International continues to monitor, care for, pay school fees, and provide medical and other necessities for the re-integrated children. As our needs continue to grow, the current price inflation and a bad economy have become more challenging to our Babies' Home. Food prices have doubled; the limited funds received get shared amongst the many budgets. Your generous support is more vital than ever in our ability to provide food and education for the sixty-four children God has entrusted under our care.

Christmas at AAI Babies Home

The children are already very excited because it will soon be Christmas. December is their favourite holiday time because they get to decorate the home and eat festive meals and treats.

We are in need of friends who would like to donate $300 (three hundred dollars) for the children's Christmas party this year. The funds received will be spent on practical Christmas presents, decorations, a cake, breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Children.

We would still be happy about sponsoring a child at $35 per month that will go to their food, primary medical care, school fees, uniform and stationery next term.

Arise Africa Christian Schools:

These comprise a nursery school, a primary school, a school for deaf

children and a secondary school. Our students and staff broke off for holidays on 25th/November 2022. It has been the LORD who brought us to the end of the term. It was a rough ride for the parents, students and teachers. We believe that the Almighty God carried us through it all. We pray that our teachers, parents and students will have a happy and meaningful Christmas.

Thank you!

We are forever thankful for your generous support and encouragement that has kept us ministering to more children. Without you, all this would not be possible! We wish you a blessed and contemplative Christmas time and a beautiful start to the new year 2023. We also look forward to the new year with faith and confidence because the Joy of the LORD is our strength.

Wishing you and all of yours that the gifts of love, joy, peace and happiness be yours this Christmas and throughout the years ahead. So much love from all of us at AAI.

While we have made some strides, we still have much to accomplish at the Children’s center. Would you please consider contributing a gift of any amount to help us achieve our mission? Please set up your automatic donation at:

For AAI Staff, Bukaleba Children’s center, General fund for the ministry and others, please send it to, 14539 E. Hawthorne Ct.Wichita, Ks 67230

You can also donate through Paypal by clicking on the link

We are deeply grateful for your continued prayers and support. Your generosity will positively impact Arise Children’s center today, tomorrow and all the time!

Therefore, we are prayerfully inviting you to be a part of our Children’s center through;

i) Praying

ii) Coming to minister to the children,

iii) Giving towards the following;

1. Three laptops for the Babies Home Managers and the nurse to be able to do their work well.

2. Sponsoring a child at the babies’ home, Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools at thirty-five dollars ($35) per month.

3. Support a teacher with $50 a month.

4. Support for AAI Babies Home two Managers and Nurse at one hundred dollars ($100) per Month.

5. Children's clothing and shoes at $600.

6. Medications for the Children monthly budget of $100

7. Babies home Sustainability projects growing of beans, corn and vegetables at $200

8. Pray for the LORD’S provision towards budgets of restocking 30 computers at the cost of Two hundred dollars ($200) per computer at the secondary school computer laboratory.

9. Infrastructure improvement at our schools such as windows glass, flooring in classrooms and dining hall, and furniture.

10. Pray for our ministry partners; I love orphans, Ten Eighteen Uganda, World Reach Partnerships and our AAI Family all over the world.

May God Bless you abundantly!

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