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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We bless the name of the LORD for World Reach Partnerships Ministry from the USA for the wonderful Medical and Gospel mission in Uganda on 19th -26th August 2021.

Arise Africa International in partnership with World Reach Partnerships ministry reached out to 6 villages, namely; Mutai, Buudo, Buyengo, Butema, Buwenda and Bukaleba with medical and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The team had to adopt new strategies of reaching out to the people due to the presence of COVID-19, while keeping up with all the [SOPS] i.e. restrictions to prevent the spread of corona virus.

The team formed several mobile medical and evangelistic teams that went from house to house. Many families received medical help and treatment and 612 souls that believed the gospel got saved.

Arise Africa International team under leadership of Pastor Geoffrey and Mama Joy will continue to follow them up and disciple them.

(Photo: Mama Janet leading a lady in the sinner’s prayer).

Below are some photos from the mission. Pastor Will, Brandon, Caroline, Mabira and other team members sharing the gospel with some families.)


We continue to thank God for healing the sick.

During the August mission, we met many sick people and most of them received medicines but there were some two little girls who were in desperate need of medical attention beyond what we could give at that time, as you will read below.

Nabukeera Florence

We met Florence in Buudo Zone, a 2.5 years old girl. As you can see in the photos attached, she got injured on her left hand.

Her grandmother says she was pierced by a stick that penetrated through the hand thus breaking her bones. Her mother is both deaf and dumb. By the time we met Florence, her wound was infected and rotting. By God’s provision through World Reach Partnerships team, she was taken to hospital. The infection was treated and the doctor recommended surgery to remove the piece of the rotten dead bone. We thank God that Florence was operated on and she is recovering well. Photos: On the left, Florence before and after surgery.

Kwagala Jane

Kwagala Jane is 3 years old. She can neither stand, sit nor speak because she is malnourished and by the time we met her in Buyengo Zone, she was struggling for her life.

She was rushed to Nalufenya Children’s hospital where she was admitted for almost a month. When she showed improvement, she was discharged. As of now, she comes to hospital twice a month for review and the hospital is providing her with special food supplements. Great appreciation goes to World Reach Partnership ministry who have provided towards all the hospital bills, transport to hospital and all other medical requirements. We continue to ask for your prayers because Jane’s body is still weak, though she is no longer in a very critical condition she still cannot sit without being supported. We plan for baby Jane to be shifted to our Bukaleba Babies home so that she can maintain her normal health growth. (Photos: Pastor Godfrey and Jane)

Babies home water well

Babies’ home has long suffered with water needs since the water system began breaking down from time to time. We bless the Lord for the funds from World Reach Partnerships for digging the well. May God bless you all who prayed and gave to us.

There is now hope for water. It now awaits finishing and installing pipes, solar power and solar pump.

Photos: Progress of digging the well. The pit has now been sealed with a concrete slab as seen in the picture on the right.

Digging and construction of new pit latrine:

In May 2021 during the heavy rains, Babies Home pit latrine developed a crack and began falling apart. Since then the children were restricted from accessing the outside latrine and resorted to using the inside toilet.

This pit latrine was of great importance in times when there is overcrowding and shortage of water. We thank God for providing funds through World Reach Partnerships towards the digging and construction of the new pit latrine. Photos: Old latrine, and new pit latrine under construction.

To all of you who came, prayed and gave towards that mission, may God richly bless you!

We prayerfully welcome each one of you to be a part of Arise Africa Outreach ministry through:

1 Prayers

2 Giving

3 And coming so we can serve the Lord together.


If you would like to donate by cash or check;

For AAI Pastors and outreach, please send it to World Reach Partnerships, P.O.BOX 582, Blue Ridge VA 24064.

If your support is regarding evangelism and church planting, please set up your automatic donation at: (Under “Designation” please make sure that you select “Arise Africa International”)

For AAI Staff, Bukaleba Children’s center, General fund for the ministry and others, please send it to, 14539 E. Hawthorne Ct.Wichita, Ks 67230

You can also donate through paypal by clicking on the link

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

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